GnomeWorks Wooden Dice Box

Created by Gnomeworks

Four Set Dice Holder, HP Tracker, Spell Tracker and Rolling Tray in a wooden box for D&D 5e or Tabletop RPG games. Six wood choices!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Update week ending 02/02/2018
about 6 years ago – Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 10:19:02 PM


I can't believe that it is already February!  Time flies... I raised the pricing at the store now to reflect the price without the Kickstarter deep discount.  Sorry that I missed updating y'all last week.  Things went very wrong.  I had a small accident with a piece of equipment and lost the "fine motor" skills in one hand for a bit.  Think of trying to run a marathon with a badly sprained ankle.  Things are better now but it did set me back a bit.  I had a hard time using only one hand so little got accomplished, it was quite frustrating, and it was very painful to type (updates).  I am back in the shop again and am going to focus this week on getting all of these products that are almost finished to shipped status!  Also, going to start on Artisan boxes from the second wave.


I am four Master Craftsman boxes and some tracker sets away from saying that I have made everyone's reward and add-ons for Backers that are #113 or less.  I have lots of Boxes in the start of the finishing stage.  See some pics of the product moving through some of the stages.




All the same boxes but in different stages.  So I did get some stuff done!  Here is a video of where the rewards are currently waiting for the sealing process.

Because this wave has so many personalizations on the boxes I thought people would enjoy watching the short video.

Glittergold's helpers

Molly is doing well and is usually staying in the shop, so she is less of a dirty girl.  I try to comb her hair every once in a while to help her groom some.  She looks pitiful most of the time.  So sad... I did want to introduce you to my rotten little girl (inside cat).  Her name is Samatha Joy Brown, and these two pictures shows her personality. 


 She is very special to me and my wife, since we have no children, she is fawned over by both of us.  She puts my wife and I to bed every night and she loves to snuggle (spoon) with me during the night.

Using the Product

I was able to play D&D this Saturday and I took some pictures so you can see a way to set up the trackers and dice.  Feel free to drop me a line telling me how you like your reward and/or post some pictures of the product for the world to see!



Funny Note

I was at the wood store picking up some more wood and I saw this and had to take a picture and share it with y'all.

A Satan board!!!!  Run
A Satan board!!!! Run

Then I thought so what if I made a box out of that?  Would all of the dice rolls end up 6?  Would suck for the d20 attack/check roll but... a d6 it would be great.  Sneak Attack bonus!

So maybe only keep your d6s in that box and it would be best for a rogue (quite fitting).  Haha

Enjoy your week and know that I am working to get your rewards completed.

Eric Brown


Production Update week ending 01/19/2018
about 6 years ago – Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 02:20:27 PM

Hello Again,


Been working hard to get the wave one completed (lots of Apprentice boxes this time).  All backers in that wave have been shipped now except for one, :-(  I just learned of the mistake.  I go off of an Excel spreadsheet that I made and a backer had one specific product which I showed in my notes he wanted, but in his survey another wood was chosen.  I did not catch it in time to correct so it will be shipped with the many many Master Craftsman boxes of wave 1.5 (volunteers to have their rewards pushed back some). 

Lots of Goblin raids happened since the last update.  I have had 8 setbacks that were not expected.  Some were equipment failure, sickness, and others were just dumb setbacks that caused loss of materials.  I have continue to ask Glittergold to give me the strength to overcome all of the goblin raids.  Maybe a vorpal sword would help the cause!  Good News!!! I caught one of the raiders and it will not be back!

Possum caught
Possum caught

So far, fairly all of the setbacks have been minor (still can count to 10 with my fingers!) and product is still being completed, just not at the rate that I would like to see.  With wave one finished, I have made all of the boxes & trackers for wave 1.5 made.  All of this product will be going into the finishing stage either Monday or Tuesday.  As soon as I have them in the finishing stage, I will start on making wave 2 rewards (this next week)!  This means that I am close to having 45% of my backers completed at that point. 

Jenni and Brooklyn

Your boxes should go out end of next week around the 27th, thanks for the patience and support!  I will have to make a video of your artisan boxes, both look great!  Never again Jenni!

Price Increase Reminder

Just a reminder, I will be raising the pricing as of Feb 1st, so if you or your friends want to get in on the Kickstarter pricing you will need to place the order soon.

Personal News

I have been under the weather for a bit but still was able to attend Pax South last weekend and it was cool!  The wife and I went for one day and were able to watch Acquisitions Inc play live on Saturday. 

Pax South 2018
Pax South 2018


Still trying to get my wife more interested in the game but she was a good sport and was a trooper that day.  At the end of the day we were able to visit with some friends over a nice Mexican dinner, I recommend the place if you are in San Antonio, TX.

La Fogata
La Fogata

Also playing hooky from making product tomorrow (Saturday), I get to play D&D!  It has been about 2 months and 10 days since my group got together.  Really looking forward to this Saturday's session.  I play a human barbarian/druid (1/7).  Yes next time I will play a Gnome but this character was started awhile back before Gnomeworks was formed.  I really like the versatility of the druid with wild shape.


I caught Molly with her "friend" trying to stay over.  I told her that it was not appropriate and not very lady like to have "sleep overs".  Also this is a work environment not a night club!  I not really sure if she heard me or even if she cared.

 Well, it is 3am now and I need to get some sleep. Night Everyone!


Production Update week ending 01/05/2018 (with News)
over 6 years ago – Sat, Jan 06, 2018 at 01:22:23 AM


As I said in the last update, I will keep the part of the production report... short... 

News first...


I did go on to youtube and setup a channel to post all of the videos that I have made and will be made in the future.  I only was able to get the kickstarter main video up so far.  Here is the link...

Also, I will be raising the pricing on the post campaign store items on Feb 1st.  So, if you or your friends want to get something else at the Kickstarter pricing you have about a month to get your order in.  I will not be charging the cards until I am much closer to being able to ship those orders.

2nd Wave Supporters

I will be closing surveys in the next few days.  You can go to backerkit (use this link) and get the email again if you need it.  I am already starting to look at these rewards that are needed and starting to buy supplies.  So, PLEASE review your survey so that there are no mistakes.  I will be using your answers to plan and produce the rewards as quickly as I can. 

Artisan 2nd Wave Supporters

Artisan backers, you will be receiving an email from me in the next 2 weeks to get approval on the specific board that your box will be made with, so be on the lookout for that from [email protected].

1st Wave Supporters

These rewards will ALL be produced (Stage 1) by tomorrow!  I will still need to sand and finish the product but you order should be ready to ship out end of next week.  Some who ordered extras will see a charge on your card, this is preparation for your order being made ready to ship for the end of next week.  So look for an email with your tracking number included next Sunday (01/14/2018).

1.5 Wave Supporters

I will start on these on Monday and hope to have them done (Stage 1) (stretch goal) by end of this next week, (still will need to do the sanding and finishing part).  This wave has the following items.

  • 2 Artisan Boxes
  • 15 Master Craftsman Boxes
  • 1 Apprentice Box
  • 3 Single Trackers (Pathfinder)

I have some of the boxes done already... but it will be a very long week with the Finishing and Stage 1 happening at the same time, but I hope to get it all done so that I can start working on the 2nd wave rewards.  Hopefully your reward will ship out in 2 weeks (#nogoblinraids). 

Production Report

I have been able to complete for the finishing stage for wave 1...

  • 2 Master Craftsman Boxes
  • 8 Apprentice Boxes
  • 1 Lg Tracker Set
  • 3 Sm Tracker Sets
  • 4 Sm Tracker Singles

Nothing was in finishing stage this week, I only had a few Master Craftsman boxes to put in that stage and with the setup time twice a day, it would negatively effected Stage 1 production that happened this week.

Shipped Backers

Thanks to everyone that did a shout out on getting their items.  Would love to hear from you on how you like the reward.  I want to make sure you are completely happy with the product, so send me a shout to let me know your thoughts!

I think that covers everything.  Hope you are enjoying the New Year and as always...


Production Update week ending 12/29/2017
over 6 years ago – Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 09:14:27 PM


I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and have wonderful plans on a New Year Eve party!  I am looking hopeful to 2018! 

I am going to shorten up this weekly report moving forward.  I could put more pictures up but they look like the other ones that I have already posted.  Lots of trays on the table with product being finished!  When an Artisan box is completed, I will share those with y'all also. I did make a video and thought you might like to see it.  I will be making a complete series of these videos on all the Artisan boxes as I complete them.

Because of the short week, I was unable to get much produced this week (Stage 1).  I focused on the finishing stage (Stage 2) of the products that I have already made to get them ready for shipping (Stage 4).  Still have a few coats to put on them but they should be going out on Monday.

This last week production

1. Stage 1 - Making of Product - 5 MC Boxes and various trackers

2. Stage 2 - Finishing - 8 trays of product

3. Stage 3 - Assembly - 2 Orders

4. Stage 4 - Shipping - Same 2 Orders

The Next Week's and Future Production

I should be taking care of another 15 backers on Monday (shipping).  That will bring the total backers to 47 completed!  I hope to be able to have all wave 1 past the first stage by end of week.  I have 13 backers left from wave 1.  It should take me the next two week after that to complete wave 1.5 past the first stage. That wave has 14 backers, then it is off to start making for Wave 2 (Feb shipping).  Once a product is past Stage 1 it usually take about a week + 1-2 days to be able to get it to Stage 4.

I will list the process quickly so that you can get an idea of the stages...

1. Stage 1 - Making the Product (Raw Wood to Correct Working Size, Cutting to length, Cutting out product, sanding, aligning and marrying both sides of the box, trimming edges, fine tune box fit, internal sanding, trackers)

2. Stage 2 - Finishing (putting the 5 coats of finish) takes about a week to complete with dry time.  This is about 30 hours a week on this stage not including drying time.

3. Stage 3 - Assembly (Covers for trackers, Rod and Markers, Set Leather / Felt)

4. Stage 4 - Shipping (Boxes, Packing, Labels)

Hope this helps if you are still waiting for your reward to better understand where I am in the process.


Production Update week ending 12/22/2017
over 6 years ago – Sat, Dec 23, 2017 at 10:46:22 AM


This was a very productive and busy week.  I again tried to take pictures during the week, though not as extensive as before.  We had a good week, thanks to the help from my wife and less extent Molly!

I was able to finalize (ship) over 30 backers orders this week. 

Those receiving your rewards...

When you receive your reward there are a few things to be aware of.

1. Let your box "air" out in it's new environment.  The box may stink (this will subside) due to the glue I use when adding the leather insert, and sniffing it will not make you feel better!

2. When storing your box for the first month, be mindful that the curing process (hardening) of the finish is still happening.  Keep it in a dry place with good airflow for best results.  After a month it should be completely cured.  You can use it right when you get it, just in storage let it "air" as much as possible for the first month.

3. Let me know what you think about your reward and if you can take pictures while you are playing that would be great!  You can also go on facebook and post on this page...


We started on Sunday getting them ready and putting the final touches on the boxes and figuring out both the packaging and shipping system. We then shipped 1 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 12 on Wednesday, 14 on Thursday.




 Artisan Boxes heading out to backers!

Master Craftsman Boxes getting ready for shipment!

Friday was a bust on shipping, just because we were too tired and I was focused on getting more product into the "finishing" stage.  I caught Molly sleeping at her desk this week!

I gave her a verbal reprimand and hope that she does better in helping me with the production of the rewards this next week.

She sits between two machines and watches me work usually from this chair "her desk".


I have also been able to keep producing more items this week.  I have 7 trays of product at are going into the "finishing" stage and should be able to ship out next week! 

All of the Artisan and all except 1 Master Craftsman Box are made from Wave 1, So next week I will be starting on the Apprentice Boxes and finishing up the tracker orders of Wave 1.  I will then start on Wave 1.5.  I am changing the way I plan production to help keep me more focused on getting the rewards completed by backer.  Thanks again for your understanding and patience in getting your rewards! 

Goblin Raids...

I said in the last update I was having problems with the trackers production.  I believe that I have fixed that issue by adding some more and better equipment.  I also changed the way that they are produced to help with lowering the failure rate.  So another hurdle taken care of!


I took some time at night to make the following video. 

I have raw footage of the 6 main wood types and one of each of the artisan boxes that I have shipped out.  This is something I will be doing in the future before shipping out the Artisan boxes.  Those boxes are unique and I want to document each and everyone of them.

May Glittergold fill your pots with lots and lots of gold!